Policing is unique and often rewarding occupation that
requires a wide range of skills to perform the required tasks on a daily basis.

From general duties to any number of specialty areas, policing consistently involves skills such as report writing, interviewing, ensuring public safety, mediation and negotiation, risk management, work health and safety, investigation, community service, training, crime prevention and much more. Our trainers and assessors that make up the Westbourne RPL team are committed to ensuring that the employment experience of current and former police officers from Australia and around the world is potentially recognised through a fair and valid assessment process. See if you are eligible to convert your policing skills into an Australian Nationally Recognised Qualification today. You can trust our team to understand and interpret your experience and assess it against an extensive range of qualifications. Take this opportunity to have your skills assessed against qualifications that are recognised across all employment sectors.

What can I use a WESTBOURNE COLLEGE qualification for?

  • Promotion within or across police organisations

  • Enhance your eligibility for movement into specialist areas within police organisations

  • Make yourself a more attractive candidate for employment outside of policing

  • Pursue opportunities for employment in a massive range of areas including local, national and international

  • Know with certainty that your years of hard work and experience have not gone unnoticed